Book Mob Blows KB Jewelers Away

Perhaps the greatest part of reading a book is the moment you move from solitary reading to communal bonding of the way the words dance on a page or the way a character grinds your gears.

Jasmin Fosheim
Executive Director

At a recent pop up event, the Chamber of Commerce celebrated the community of book lovers in Hettinger and KB Jewelers, a beloved local business with a phenomenal selection of books.
The Chamber of Commerce, as part of its Go Local initiative, has recently committed to hosting a series of business mobs as a way to shift from tired “shop local” messaging to an action driven model. Here’s how our business mobs work:
The Chamber of Commerce announces via social media the morning of an event the location and time of a pop-up mob that day. At the time of the event, the community is invited to join Chamber of Commerce and other community leaders as they spend just $20 at that local business.
Business mobs move from questionably effective and costly “shop local” advertising campaigns to readily accessible economic impact. For instance, during our recent Book Mob at KB Jewelers, the business sold nearly 60 books in just two hours, proving the busiest and most successful evening of the year. In addition, numerous attendees throughout the night walked through the store sharing with awe that they “didn’t even know KB Jewelers sold books” or “thought the store only sold jewelry.” Finally, owners Kent and Kathleen were able to distribute coupons with every book they sold, driving future traffic into the store.
As we debriefed following the event over leftover hors d’oeuvres and wine, Kent and Kathleen spoke with excitement about the impact of this event. Kathleen noted, “This is what can happen you use the wisdom and experience of an older business couple with the excitement and energy of young people: successful events!”
As director of the Chamber and Development Corporation, I work to identify cost-effective and innovative solutions to many of the issues our community and businesses are facing. My organizations work tirelessly to develop campaigns that are at times time-consuming and programs that are at times costly. The success of the recent Book Mob, with just one container of boxed wine and free social media advertising, however, proves that the simplest and cheapest events can have the greatest economic impact.

Upcoming Events
Nov. 11th Wired at 5:30pm at the Peacock Mercantile
Nov. 29th Wake Up Santa Celebration
Dec. 5th Lunch & Learn at 12:00pm: The Travel Bug: Good for You & Your Business with Hannah Nordby (Adams Co. Extension Agent) at the Community Promotions Office

Request for Proposals
The Hettinger Area Chamber of Commerce is seeking bid proposals for the renovation of a 25’x45’ building adjacent to the Community Promotions Office. The opening for proposals is 9:00am MT Thursday, October 24th to Thursday, November 14th at 5:00pm MT. Proposals should be delivered in person or mailed in a sealed envelope to:

PO Box 1031
Attention Jasmin Fosheim
Hettinger, ND 58639

Please contact Jasmin Fosheim at 701-567-2531 or to make arrangements to tour the facility, discuss project plans, and receive proposal guidelines.
This is project is funded by a federal grant, and final decisions and agreement will be based on the ability to meet grant requirements.

The Hettinger Area Chamber of Commerce is an equal opportunity employer and provider.

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