Business Spotlight: Haley J Evans Tax & Financial Services

Running a business is a challenge. Whether it’s managing employees, dealing with taxes, or getting that next sale, business management can be a handful. When dealing with the many stresses that come with business ownership, many local businesses and producers rely on Haley J. Evans Tax & Financial Services. Located in downtown Hettinger, Haley J. Evans Tax & Financial Services helps small businesses navigate tax management, payroll and accounting challenges.

Frank Turner

Believe it or not, the person who owns Haley J. Evans Tax & Financial Services is Haley Evans. For over ten years, Evans has been running her business in the Hettinger area.
When working with clients, Evans covers a wide range of services. The local firm handles many aspects of business that business owners may not want to or be able to do otherwise.
Specifically, Evans’ business can issue payroll, input quarterly filings, create financial reports and facilitate bookkeeping, and file taxes.
“We do a lot of things, from accounting through tax services and everything in-between.” said Evans, “We cover a wide area of services and help small businesses with anything that they would need.”
Evans has a Bachelor’s in accounting from Dickinson State University. After graduating and working two years at an accounting Firm in Bismarck, Evans said a new opportunity presented itself in Hettinger.
In 2009, former business owner Michael Clayton sold his local Hettinger accounting firm to Evans.
“I had the opportunity to buy the business and I couldn’t pass it up,” she said.
Originally from Scranton, Evans said that staying close to home was important for both her and her husband, a local farmer.
“I wanted a career that I could do close to home, because I have roots here,” said Evans. “My husband and I wanted to stay local, we knew that.”
Ultimately, Evans said that growing up in an agricultural community helped her get her business off the ground.
“A lot of my agriculture background, being raised by a farmer, helped me pick up a lot of knowledge that helped me relate to people in this area,” she said.
Today, Evans employs two local people in her office. Shorty Hoerauf works as the office manager, and Allison Pretzer works as a staff accountant.
“[Pretzer and Hoerauf] are really the heart and soul of running the operation, keeping everything organized and straight.”
With the help of her two employees, Evans serves clients all over the region and even the nation. According to Evans, she has clients based out of Texas and California.
“We have clients in other states than just North Dakota,” said Evans. “It’s usually clients who were born and raised here who left.”
Overall, Evans said that working in the Hettinger community over the past 10 years has been a great experience.
“It has always my dream to work close to home and help people,” she said.

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