Grand River Roundup

We took our steer calves to the sale in Faith on Monday. Thank goodness it was cold enough and the ground was froze hard enough to get the trucks in to our east place to haul them out without getting stuck.

Betty Olson
Guest Columnist

Doug and Clint Doll, RonE and Jace Jenson, and Bill Holt came to help pen and sort the calves before they could load them. Billy Brence brought Gunderson’s truck for the first load and Casey was going to haul the second load but his semi gave him trouble, so he borrowed Jace Jenson’s truck to haul the second load. It was a pretty good sale with lots of folks there that hadn’t been able to get to the sales they were scheduled for because of the weather so there were a lot of friends and neighbors to visit with.
I had physical therapy on Tuesday and Reub also went to Hettinger for a doctor appointment at the same time as my therapy. Casey caught a ride to Reeder with us to pick up his pickup at Northern Auto. Taz hauled gravel most of the day until it started freezing and sticking to the sides of truck.
Casey and Taz, RonE and Jace Jenson helped Bill Holt doctor his sick calves on Wednesday. That afternoon I called Laura and Bill Johnson to see how they were doing after Laura’s knee replacement last Thursday and Bill’s shoulder surgery on Monday. They were both doing pretty well and were getting ready to ship their calves the next day.
I finally got the last of my tomatoes canned this week, but it’s going to take us a lot of time to get 30 quarts of them eaten. Amanda makes spaghetti sauce with some of them, so hopefully she’ll help me get rid of them. I also got the last of the onions picked and hopefully, that is all that was left to take care of before winter officially arrives.
Reub hauled hay on Thursday while Taz and Casey got things set up to work our heifer calves the next day. Thursday was Halloween and also the playoff football game in Buffalo. Casey and Missy went in early for wrestling practice and then joined Taz and Amanda and kids to watch the Harding County boys beat Kadoka in the playoffs. The little people fell asleep too early to trick or treat in Buffalo, but they did get some candy from Uncle Jace and Aunt Kami earlier.
Doug Doll, Bill Holt and Jace Jenson came down on Friday to help these guys work our heifer calves, wean them, and haul them home to the feed lot up at the old place. It didn’t look very nice that morning because it was snowing and the wind was blowing, but it cleared off before noon and everything went well. I fed the crew here at noon and had another good visit. These guys are fun to have around! Amanda had her doctor appointment in Spearfish that day and when she got home that afternoon, she and Taz and the little people went up to have supper at RonE and Starla’s that evening to visit with Amanda’s sister Josi.
Casey and Missy went to Belle Fourche on Saturday to pick up Reub’s Kubotas that got fixed and then went on to Spearfish to watch Jarett Jenson and Trig play football against a team from Colorado. RonE and Starla Jenson also went to the game. Taz and Chason Floyd went up to Glen Ullin, ND to Cameron Morman’s going away party for the National Finals Saturday evening and Amanda and the kids went to Buffalo for Carroll Comes’ benefit.
Reub and I went to the Grand Electric Social Room in Bison Sunday afternoon to watch the movie “Unplanned” sponsored by Stateline Right to Life and South Dakota Right to Life. It’s a very enlightening movie and we really recommend that if you haven’t seen it yet, make a special effort to watch it.
You probably all know how I feel about having to switch to Daylight Saving Time every spring and then switch back to standard time every fall. Where do you suppose they’re storing all that daylight we’ve saved down through the years? The sun and the moon are on their own time schedules that are totally unrelated to the time the government sets for them. The sun comes up every morning and goes down every night year around, regardless of what time the government says it is.
In 1986 federal law was amended to start Daylight Saving Time earlier in the year, the change now occurring at 2:00 AM on the first Sunday in April and ending at 2:00 AM on the last Sunday in October. Several states and territories of the U.S. (Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam, and the Northern Marianas Islands) do not observe daylight time and I’d love to join them because it obviously hasn’t done them any damage.
I’ll leave you with this Daylight Saving Time paradox:
A baby is born on Sunday at exactly 2 am, but the clocks turn back to 1 am, creating a paradox; the baby is no longer born. The baby now spends eternity stuck in a time-loop, which could’ve been avoided.
It’s time to get rid of Daylight Saving Time before it’s too late for some baby!

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