HHS To Perform One-Act Comedy About Teaching

The Hettinger High School Drama Team has been working since early September on a play they actually chose last year. “Teacher on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown” by Bradley Hayward will be our selection to take to Region X Contest, vying against eight other schools.

By Coach
Ms. Jeri Dunn

The play features five teachers played by talented seniors but there are three other seniors in the cast and crew who are awesome, too. Emily Shirek portrays Miss Pat, an English teacher who is finding it difficult to teach the same novel year after year. Miami Pekas plays Mrs. Riesenbach, whose personal life is interfering with her ability to teach. Mason DeFoe is Mr. Tremblay, an experienced teacher who has faced health issues due to the stress and craziness of being an educator. Carolyn Schultz portrays Ms. Fritz, a teacher known for her strictness and disciplinary methods. Finally, Ty Warbis rounds out the major parts with Mr. Wiens, who really does not want to be a drama teacher and does not feel qualified to do so. Sam Munoz and Joslyn Ebert play specific student roles, and our final senior, Madelyn Larson, is extremely valuable as our stage director.
According to our author, Hayward describes his play in the following: “Five high school teachers find themselves at the end of their rope . . . and it’s only the first day of school! As the students navigate this bumpy road, they begin to realize it may have been their behavior that pushed these teachers perilously close to the edge. Will they be able to make things right before it’s too late, or has this faculty completely lost its faculties?” And, then he goes on to recommend . . . “Have fun with the play, and more importantly, your teachers!”
Rounding out the cast are juniors: Tatum Fitch, Katrina Poss—who plays a major student role, and Sidra Sadowsky. Sophomores who play students are Ivory Hanson-Oliver, Anna Havelka, Heidi Larson, Paris Ross, Naomi Salazar (with a major role), Peyton Tuhy (also in a major role), and Cade Warbis (likewise in a major role). Alex Dupper and Nick Berry reprise their crew roles in sound effects and lights. Sydney Ellingson is new to the stage this year—a freshman, playing in student roles.
There are two public performances in the Roberts-Reinke Auditorium. Due to conflicts with volleyball, we will perform on Sunday, November 10th, at 2:00 p.m. And, then the performance during school hours will be on Tuesday, November 12th, also at 2:00 p.m. Admission is $2 per person and we can’t accept activity tickets because of the need for royalty payments. (We travel on Wednesday, the 13th , to Dickinson State University to compete at 9:30 a.m, the third in the competition.) Please join our fans intending to laugh and enjoy this!

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